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Welcome to the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce

The mission of the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance economic growth and community development in our local communities. Our Chamber is a membership organization consisting of local business owners and executives who want to see businesses of all sizes grow and prosper. The chamber provides a host of programs and services designed to help businesses gain visibility in the local community to help with your business success story. The chamber also assists the City of Boaz, Sardis City and Marshall County to attract and retain a strong workforce and actively pursue opportunities for positive growth in all areas of business and economic development.

The city of Boaz is named for the husband of Ruth, a Biblical character in the Old Testament. Incorporated in 1897, Boaz quickly began to “set a pace for her neighbors that could not be closely followed without some extra exertion on their part,” stated the editor of a nearby town’s newspaper in 1905. Boaz, Alabama is located atop the Sand Mountain Plateau, which is labeled for its sandy soil. The Boaz economy grew from the soil of Sand Mountain, primarily because it was ideal farm land with a mild climate. Boaz was the nearest shopping center for many communities atop the mountain. In earlier day, the city served as a magnet which drew farmers looking for supplies and other necessities of life that were not produced on the farm. Farmers also came to Boaz to dispose of their fruits of labor. Located in Marshall County, Boaz is in northeast Alabama between Gadsden and Guntersville, and only 77 miles from Birmingham and 57 miles from Huntsville. Boaz has always had a special character that distinguished it from neighboring towns. It’s been said that “in Boaz, merchants were hustlers who were glad to welcome you to spend money.” Shopping is still a feature attraction in the city. With various outlet retail stores, antique shops, locally owned unique gift shops, Boaz still beckons shoppers to visit. In addition to shopping, Boaz can now offer a bowling alley, a movie theatre and many restaurants.

Although Boaz was primarily a town built upon the agriculture sector, it now possesses a diverse industry base. Such industries include: automotive parts manufacturing and distributing, poultry processing, pipe fittings, carpet yarns, and parts for the aircraft industry. We also recycle steel for sources around the world- just to name a few.

In the Boaz area, improving the quality of life for the community has been a focus. Boaz promotes knowledge and education with the help of the resources offered by Snead State Community College and the newly founded Boaz City School System. The friendliest people around await you here in the Boaz, Alabama area, where you will find wonderful churches and neighborhoods. Living in the Boaz area is both a blessing and a privilege. It possesses a tradition rich in beauty and tranquility, of hospitality and southern delight.

We welcome you to visit each section of our web site to learn more about what our area has to offer. We, also, welcome you to contact us at the Chamber office at any time to talk to us about visiting our area!


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The Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1947 by organizers of previous business clubs.  Some of the founding members included Claude Elrod, Chalmus Weathers, J.E. Thompson, D.K. Searcy, Lowery Gillespie, Frank Amberson and Macon Roberts.

The Chamber has always promoted the Boaz area and its accomplishments, which include a diverse industrial base, factory outlet shopping centers, popular retail businesses and food services, the Annual Harvest Festival and much more.

Teamwork and shared goals focused on improving the Boaz area have resulted in our continued growth and improved quality of life.  Such teamwork continues today with the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce.  Working together with Mayor Tim Walker and the Boaz City Council and Marshall County officials, the Chamber is promoting the Boaz area as cities with much to offer.  Outlet shopping is still a feature attraction.  However, we strongly promote opportunities for industrial and business growth, as well as, our local diverse retail shopping base.

In the Boaz area, we can offer a first class education program because of our very own Boaz City School System and Snead State Community College.  We also have wonderful churches, civic organizations and neighborhoods.  The Boaz area is a great place to live, to work and do business.

Additional information is available at the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce office and we encourage you to visit us to experience everything we have to offer.  The Boaz area is a great place to call home!


                                 “Where did you glean today and where did you work? May he who took notice of you be blessed.” Ruth 2:19


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Snead-BoazHigh-BoazLibrary  Our Small Town and You: A Winning Combination

In an article titled “THE RURAL ADVANTAGE” from the September 2012 edition of Site Selection magazine, author William Atkinson asks, “Why would a company locate its business in a small town, far from the economic activity of large cities?” He concludes, “Such a decision doesn’t make sense for every company. But for some it makes perfect sense.” A similar question could be asked by individuals considering relocation for business or retirement purposes, “Why move to a small town?” If you are considering relocating, Boaz, Alabama may be the small town that makes perfect sense for you!

Boaz is a city that straddles two counties, Etowah and Marshall, in the State of Alabama. Part of the Gadsden, Alabama Metropolitan Statistical Area, the population of the city in 2014 was 9,689 with an average age of 36.2 years and 16% of the population age 65 or older. The median home or condo value in the city was $105,698 and our property and sales taxes are some of the lowest in the nation.

Boaz is a city that values education. Boaz is a college town, home to Snead State Community College, the oldest degree granting institution in the Alabama Community College system with the highest graduation rate for Alabama community colleges. Our PreK-12 public schools also consistently rank among the top schools in the state for graduation rates and student achievement.

All governments, federal, state, and local are eager for new businesses to locate in rural communities such as Boaz. Retail space in Boaz cost significantly less than in most urban areas. There are a number of programs, grants, and financial aid that may be able to assist if you locate your business in a rural area, especially if the business will be creating higher wage jobs.

The labor force in Boaz is dedicated, trainable, and dependable. This is exactly what businesses and industries, such as Federal Mogul, TS Tech, Progress Rail, Parker Hannifin, Kabco Builders, BPI Media Group, Associated Jobbers Warehouse and many other smaller businesses that proudly call Boaz home, report as the main reason they chose to locate here.

If you like the safety of a low crime rate, few, if any, traffic jams, and virtually no pollution and if you want to feel assimilated into the community you serve, Boaz just might be the winning choice for you. Come join us!

Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce
100 East Bartlett Avenue
Boaz, AL 35957
tel. 256-593-8154
F: 256-593-1233
Edna Southerland, Interim President –


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