Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce 100 East Bartlett Avenue Boaz, AL 35957 tel. 256-593-8154


The mission of the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote and enhance economic growth and community development in our local communities. Our Chamber is a membership organization consisting of local business owners and executives who want to see businesses of all sizes grow and prosper. The chamber provides a host of programs and services designed to help businesses gain visibility in the local community to help with your business success story. The chamber also assists the City of Boaz, Sardis City and Marshall County to attract and retain a strong workforce and actively pursue opportunities for positive growth in all areas of business and economic development. The Board is made up of 16 individuals with terms of service from 1 to 3 years. The Board meets monthly at the Chamber Office.

Join The Chamber Today!

As a Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce Member, you become a part of a dynamic organization that is completely focused on making the Boaz area stronger by promoting commerce. Together, our efforts will provide a more solid environment to live and work~ a place we can be proud to call home. Please see the membership benefits below and click here for a membership application, or you can fill one out online here.


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Member Benefits…

These benefits apply to all our members who join the Chamber. After you’ve looked over these, take a look at the Top 10 Reasons if you’re still not sure.

Networking ~ Who you know does make a difference! Make important business contacts at chamber functions.
Credibility ~ Demonstrate your commitment to the community by becoming a part of the vision and strategies of the most influential business organization in the community.
All Chamber Publications ~ Members will receive all printed materials sent out by the chamber of commerce. This will include invitations to all events and seminars, a monthly newsletter and other community activities.
Annual Banquet ~ Held to present the new volunteer staff and the ideas and missions of the year. Dinner, entertainment, Citizen of the Year Award, Educator of the Year Award and more…
Marketing Opportunities ~ The chamber offers many opportunities for you to promote your business through event sponsorships.
Ribbon Cuttings, Ground Breaking’s, Open Houses, Grand Openings ~ Assistance with these events will be provided to all chamber members. Photos of these events are featured in the newspaper,  chamber newsletter,and on the Chamber website.
DeltaCom ~ Exclusive discounts given on long distance telephone service.
Referrals ~ Member names and phone numbers are distributed to thousands of people inquiring about goods, services, shopping and visiting opportunities. We are open from 8 am—4pm, five days a week to serve our membership and the general public.
Business Before & After Hours ~ Members may sponsor a mixer at their place of business, which is open to all chamber members and their guests. This allows businesses to showcase their products or services.s
Luncheons ~ Members may sponsor a luncheon at their choice of places. This is a great way to present a speaker and reach a broad audience.
Tourism ~ Chamber serves as the Tourism/Visitor information for the city. Businesses are referred daily concerning places to stay, eat and shop. Special tourism events are coordinated by the chamber. i.e Harvest Festival, Tractor Show and more…
Brochures Displayed ~ Members may display flyers, brochures and business cards at the chamber office.
Presence on the Internet ~ Members are listed on the chamber website as an avenue to attract potential customers. We can also link to your website.
Fax/Email Program to Members ~ Members are welcome to utilize the chamber fax and email program to broadcast special events or sales. New members receive two free blasts and each blast after the first two cost only $10 each.
Volunteer Programs ~ Add extra value to your chamber membership with involvement in programs dealing with tourism, customer service, special events, membership, education, and more.
Membership Plaque and Decals ~ Display your membership plaque to affirm your commitment to the chamber and the efforts made to help foster a more prosperous environment within the city of Boaz.
Seminars ~ Seminars and educational opportunities made available throughout the year to chamber members.
Community Resource Data ~ The chamber has access to date useful to businesses or residents in the community. Such data includes major employer directories, demographics, census information, apartment guides, churches, clubs and organizations.
Newcomer Mailers ~ A chamber membership lists and Boaz Community Magazine are mailed to new households as they establish residence in our area, along with a shopping map and coupon booklet of participating stores.


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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join…
1.Networking and new business contacts to help your business grow.
2.Adds credibility that affirms you are committed to the future of Boaz, Sardis City and Marshall County.
3.Recognition as a member on Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce website.
4.Discounts and benefits to help save money between members.
5.Learning opportunities/professional development to help you run a smarter, more profitable business.
6.Promote the community to help residents enjoy more opportunity.
7.Referrals and sales opportunities to deliver return on your investments.
8.Publicity and heightened name recognition so customers know who you are.
9.Targeted, effective and affordable advertising to help you advertise on a small budget.
10.Create a strong local economy to keep our business momentum moving forward.


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Investment Schedule…

General Information for all Membership – Membership investments are based on annual renewals. Members are invoiced one month prior to their anniversary month each year. Two part-time employees constitute one full-time employee when computing investments. Each member business shall receive one vote in all Chamber elections.
General Business Membership:
1 – 4 Employees – $125
5 – 10 Employees – $150
11 – 20 Employees – $175
21 – Over Employees – $225 plus $1 for every additional employee
Non Profit and Personal ~ Membership investment of $50 annually. Includes non profit organizations and individuals who are not included in any of the other membership schedule categories.
Industrial ~ Manufacturers, processors, etc. $125 plus $1 per employee Minimum – $250 Maximum ~ $750
Utilities ~ Membership investment is negotiated – $600 minimum
Financial Institutions ~ Banks, credit unions, and loan companies. Annual membership is based on total assets in Boaz branches. $10 Per Million in Deposits – Minimum $500
Real Estate Offices ~ Annual membership investment of $200 per office. $100 for each individual realtor of an office that is not a member. $50 for individual realtors of real estate offices that participate through membership.
Apartments, Motels, Mobile Home Parks, RV Parks ~ Annual membership investment of $125 plus $1 per unit
Retirees ~ Persons who are fully retired and not affiliated with any business or other organization may obtain membership for $35 annually.